The Foundation for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Telephone: 212 794-1234

The Foundation for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is a not-for-profit organization whose primary mission is the promotion of excellence in plastic surgery through professional and public education. However, The Foundation also has resources which it devotes to securing needed reconstructive surgery for certain, deserving individuals unable to obtain treatment by other means. (To view such a case, click here).

In some instances, The Foundation is able to help a person find a doctor in his own local community who can perform needed surgery at reduced cost. For others, the solution may be provided through use of specific professional and institutional contacts of The Foundation. Because these medical resources are located in the greater New York area, treatments arranged for selected patients must be carried out here.

Individuals who wish to petition The Foundation for help should E-Mail a short summary of their circumstances to Please include your name, address, and E-mail address in any messages sent. The Adminstrator will respond to all requests, usually within 24 hours.

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