Breast Restoration
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Examples: Implant
This patient had undergone right, modified radical mastectomy. She was restored with an implant on her right, and had the right breast lifted to match the shape of the reconstruction. Nipple reconstruction for the right was the final step.

Examples: Expander and Implant
This patient is seen before expander placement, after completion of the expansion, and finally after implant placement and the augmentation of her opposite breast. The left nipple has been reconstructed as well.

Examples: Autologous Tissues
This patient is shown on the left before undergoing left modified radical mastectomy. She desired a tissue reconstruction and did not want her normal right breast altered. The central picture shows her appearance after the first stage microvascular tissue transfer. On the right, she is shown after completion of the restoration with a nipple reconstruction.

Examples: Skin-sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction
This patient is shown on the left after biopsy of her right breast. She underwent skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a free flap, (seen at center). After minor fat reduction of the flap and nipple reconstruction she appeared as seen on the right.

Examples: Tissue and Implants Combined
This patient had earlier undergfone a right modified radical mastectomy and then radiation therapy. She needed a left mastectomy. The central picture shows her after left mastectomy and first stage reconstruction of both sides with flaps from the back and implants. The rightmost picture shows the completed restoration after nipple creation.